Watching: Defiance S2 The Strain S1
Reading: Promise of Blood
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"I know you’re ‘good’ people. I know you mean well. But you just didn’t think it through… There is only one path to peace: your extermination.”


US Trailer for The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch


A very happy Birthday to Bendy Cum, I hope you have a shiny happy day! 38!! You youngster!


Just one, I’m a few, no family, too. Who am I?
(This organism and derivative genetic material is restricted intellectual property.)

I’m that starship you get on, international
First officer’s seat on my lap girl, riding comfortable

'Cause I know what the girl them need,
Earth to Altair III
I got lipstick stains on my phaser,
If you know what I mean

“Own your fucking shit no matter how painful it is. It shows character it builds respect. No one owns their shit any more. It’s all about shifting blame. Preserving ego. It makes people soft, it makes them unaccountable. Own your shit. That’s how you make it with your conscience and pride intact.”

Joseph Saccamozzone (my grandfather)

I only act like I know everything.