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While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Anthology 3 - Disc 1
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George is perfect.

His voice is so powerful, makes me wanna cry..


50 years ago today…

February 9th, 1964 - February 9th, 2014: The Beatles' first 
appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

On February 9th, 1964, The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, which drawn more than 73 million viewers.

Dear Prudence
Artist: The Beatles
Album: The White Album
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Dear Prudence | The Beatles

Oh! Darling
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Abbey Road
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The Beatles - Oh! Darling 

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Why Don’t We Do It In The Road- The Beatles

It was 44 years ago today… Beatles’ Rooftop Concert.